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Women of HOPE Indonesian 印尼語

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Indonesian Women of HOPE 印尼語智慧的婦人

In over 70 languages around the world, TWR Women of Hope is bringing hope in Jesus to women through audio content. They recently posted a listener story that we wanted to share with you about Ghada, a single woman in the Middle East (read below).

Ghada* is 35 years old and lives in Jordan. She has been listening to the Women of Hope program for some time.

Ghada is abused by her own father. He beats and verbally abuses her, and now he is forcing her to marry. She is fighting against her parents’ will for this arranged marriage.

Her depression is severe, and Ghada feels stuck in her abuse and being a single woman in an unmerciful society.

Ghada kept listening to the episodes and sending us her comments and questions. She reached a stage when she felt comfortable enough to share with us, “Even if my father beats me up, even if I feel alone with no support from anyone, I feel that your prayers and programs are lifting up my tired soul and heart. I believe that Jesus is the only way that would make my parents change their attitude towards me, if they followed Him, but meanwhile I know that He is my only Hope and refuge. Keep praying that His peace dwells in my heart always."

Ghada continues corresponding with us, and recently sent, “I am telling other ladies about [the] Women of Hope program, and some came back to me with positive opinions and encouraged spirits because what they heard touched their hearts. Thank you so much for being there for us, for speaking up on our behalf, and for caring to the tiniest details of our lives. We love you."

Thank you for praying, giving, and being a part of bringing hope in Jesus to women around the world across generations. You are making a difference. ♥️

*Ghada’s name was changed

Please tell us your feedback, thank you.

Hope you’d be blessed by Women of HOPE.




> >
24 Mencegah Demam Berdarah; Pura Pura Tidak Mengenal Yesus
24 Prevent Dengue Fever; Pretend not Know Jesus
> >
23 Pentingnya Pemeriksaan Kehamilan; Jangan Kuatir
23 The important of Pregnancy Test; Do Not Worry
> >
22 Mencegah Stroke; Ingin Bertemu Yesus
22 Prevent Stroke; Want to See Jesus
> >
21 Gizi Seimbang Untuk Anak; Mengakhiri Ketakutan
21 Balanced Nutrition for Children; To End Fear
> >
20 Manfaat Kacang Edamame; Mengubah Dendam
20 Mengubah Dendam. The use of Edamame; To Change Revenge
> >
19 Makanan Penghilang Lemak Perut; Terang Yang Membebaskan
19 Fat Busting Food; The Liberating Light
> >
18 Sumber Kalsium Bagi Anak; Perintah Yesus Bagi Orang Muda Kaya
18 The Sources of Calcium for Children; Jesus’ Command for the Rich Young Man
> >
17 Manfaat Daun Jeruk; Yesus Memanggil Matius
17 The use of Orange leave; Jesus Celled Mathew
> >
16 Manfaat Kayu Manis Bagi Kesehatan; Menghilangkan Kemalasan
16 The Benefit of Cinnamon; To Eliminate Laziness
> >
15 Sayur Dan Buah Untuk Hipertensi; Mengutamakan Ucapan Syukur
15 Vegatable and Fruir for Hypertension; Giving Priority to Thanksgiving
> >
14 Mengapa Saran Penting; Membuang Kekhawatiran;
14 Why advice is Important, To Get Rid of Worry
> >
13 Tiga Rahasia Menangani Diabetes; Kesibukan Paling Berharga
13 Tips of Overcome Diabete; The Most Precious Activity
> >
12 Buah Untuk Penderiat Diabetes; Bila Anak Kerasukan Setan
12 Fruit for Diabete; If A Child Demon Possessed
> >
11 Makanan Sehat Untuk Jantung ; Manampakan Keindahan
11 The Good Food for Healthy Heart; Showing Beauty
> >
10 Tips Memiliki Keluarga Harmonis; Buah Penyesalan
10 Tips of Having Harmony Family; The Fruit of Regret
> >
9 Keuntungan Membaca; Kemarahan Yang Tidak Menimbulkan Dosa
9 The Benefit of Reading; Angry that does not cause sin
> >
8 Keunggulan Ubi Jalar Ungu; Wujud Mengasihi Tuhan
8 The Benefit of Purple Sweet Potato; The Manifest of Loving God
> >
7 Beras Kencur; Mengisi Hati Dengan Kasih
7 Rice Kencur; Filling Heart with Love
> >
6 Cabai Rawit; Manangis di kaki Yesus
6 Little Chilli; Weeping at Jesus's Feet
> >
5 Daun Kelor; Merusak Martabat
5 Merungga Leaves; Damaging the Dignity
> >
4 Mencegah Rambut Rontok; Dipinggir Sumur
4 Prevent Hair Loss; At The Edge of The Well
> >
3 Berlaku Adil Kepada Anak; Kebal Cobaan
3 Fair to Children; Immune to Trial
> >
2 Menjaga Kebersihan Mulut; Mengasuh Anak untuk Menjadi Berharga
2 Oral Heath; Nuturing Children to be Valuable
> >
1 Membebaskan Diri Dari Gosip; Diterima Karena Anugerah
1 Free Ourselves from Gossip; Accepted by Grace






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